Hey there, We are Hell yeah !

More than a regular Booking Agency Hell Yeah is a family, a group of friends working really hard to spread the word and also our love for the bands that make us feel inspired. More than their booking agents we are their fans and we consider is important (very important actually) to make their music blow-minds in every corner where we can find someone willing to open their doors and invite them to play.

We organize tours all over Europe (sometimes Southamerica also), we promote shows in Barcelona, Spain and we have worked in the past with reputed festivals as well as cozy mid size venues, taking care of the pr, logistics and planning involved to make "the tour" not only a good experience budget-wise but also make your journey a mayhem of fun, good memories and amazing shows. It may sound like we are overreacting here but believe us, we are not.

If you think we are a good idea please don't hesitate and shoot us an email asap, we are always glad to hear from new bands, new promoters, new friends. Say it out loud: "let's do this".

Luv !!

yeah, we tweet..